The guiding principles of Police Mutual

We’re motivated to provide the best possible service by following a simple set of guidelines that inform what we do today, driving us to do it even better tomorrow.

Our purpose

We exist to improve the lives of the Police family and we offer this to the Military*, others who lay their lives on the line and those who support them.

Our vision  

A better tomorrow for those who protect us today by making their lives easier, happier and longer.

Our values

None of the above would happen without our commitment to our values:

  • All of us are better than one of us
    By working together, we do more for our customers and our colleagues.
  • Wired to care
    A deep understanding of those we serve and work with is second nature to us.
  • Think commercial. Act commercial
    Being great at what we do is the best way to support our customers.
  • Be the best
    We set our own standards. We are not judged by anyone else's. Every day we challenge ourselves to be better.

* We offer this through Forces Mutual
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