Latest: Mortgage broker or direct deal?
With so many mortgage deals and types of mortgages available, how can you ensure you find the right one for you?

Published on 30 Jun 2022

Life Insurance, myths busted

Many people believe that life insurance is expensive, complicated and not for them. Here we shine a light on some of those common myths.

Published on 26 May 2022

Men's Health Week 2022
Wellbeing and health are topics that are often over-looked by men. Men’s Health Week is a great time to think about your overall wellbeing. This year the theme is It’s Time for a DIY Man MOT.

Published on 23 May 2022

National Volunteers Week

Volunteers Week takes place 1-7 June every year. It’s a chance to recognise the fantastic contribution volunteers make to our communities and to say thank you.

Published on 23 May 2022

Loneliness Awareness Week

We all feel lonely at times, it is a natural emotion. By building a greater awareness and acceptance of loneliness, we can help ourselves to manage the feeling.

Published on 23 May 2022

Healthy Eating Week

Healthy eating week, 13 - 17 June, is a great time to think about improving your diet. Poor nutrition and obesity are becoming more common in the UK. According to Public Health England nearly 2/3rds of adults in England are classed as being overweight with more men likely to be in this category than women.

Published on 23 May 2022

Carers Week

6 -12 June 2022

Carers Week is an annual campaign to raise awareness of caring, highlight the challenges unpaid carers of all ages face and recognise the contribution they make to families and communities.

Published on 23 May 2022

Five things you need to think about before taking out Life Insurance
Losing a loved one can have devastating financial consequences but having Life Insurance can really help in difficult times.

Published on 12 May 2022

Bank of England base rate increase
See what interest rate increases could mean for you if you have a mortgage.

Published on 05 May 2022

Dementia Action Week

Dementia Action Week run by the Alzheimer’s Society is an awareness week to encourage people to ‘act on dementia’. This year’s theme is diagnosis.

Published on 22 Apr 2022

Dying Matters Awareness Week
Every year, people around the country use Dying Matters Awareness Week as a moment to encourage all communities to get talking in whatever way, shape or form works for them. The awareness week is organised by Hospice UK, who’s mission is to help people to talk about dying and grief, and plan for the end of life.

Published on 22 Apr 2022

Mental Health Awareness Week

Mental health problems can affect anyone, any time of the year, but mental health awareness week is a great time to show your support for better mental health and looking after your own wellbeing.

Published on 22 Apr 2022

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